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My passion is helping horses to perform to the best of their ability, reliving discomfort and enhancing performance. 

Common Problems that may be alleviated

Unlike humans it is difficult for our equine friends to tell us exactly where it is sore and to further complicate matters they will quickly compensate and find a different way to move, often masking the original problem. One of the great benefits of the Transeva is its ability is to pinpoint problem areas enabling the therapist to concentrate on the areas that need it the most.

Reluctance to strike off with correct canter lead

Stiffness on one rein

Uneven Trot Diagonals

Girthy/Cold backed

Uneven Muscling

Loss of form/Change in Performance

Head Tilting

Struggling to walk down hill comfortably

Learn how ETT could help your horse.


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Libby Collier - Bea

Superstar Eventing Pony Bea - Enhancing Performance!

'After first session the results were astonishing' - Libby Collier

After starting British Eventing with my little girl Bea this year, I felt I ought to treat her to a check up just to make sure there were no aches or pains in her young developing muscles, Sophia came out and after the first session I must say I would never use anyone else, she listened to everything I described and after the first session the results were astonishing.
I felt like Bea was tight over her poll, therefore her consistency of holding a contact wasn't always there and it felt like she was really trying for me when she did hold a contact, but it turned out it wasn't her poll, it was her jaw that was tight, once Sophia had worked through that area Bea was instantly happier and since then we haven't had a problem since. I then talked to Sophia about how Bea struggles sometimes with choosing the correct canter strike off, and after the two sessions we have completed our first dressage test with all the correct strike offs!
Bea's jumping technique has always been 'textbook' shall we say, but since these sessions she seems to have found the springs in her feet, she really is throwing a fantastic shape now and as she develops and gets stronger we're hoping her confidence will sky rocket! 
Even the farrier picking her hind legs up to shoe, or us to stud her up, we all felt she was reluctant to hold them up high so ultimately we held her legs low, now two sessions in with work to her hind legs, all of us have noticed a huge improvement with her flexibility and attitude.
Bea is a true mare in that her face will tell you exactly what she is thinking, you can tell there and then when Sophia is working on an area which needs work, and being able to watch your horse respond straight away to the treatment is just fascinating. 
Absolutely fantastic treatment and couldn't recommend any higher!


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